Is email Dead? Surveillance Inevitable? Introducing Project Caliop

Nimes, 16 August 2013 – Project Caliop aims at providing tools and a platform for email users can trust, guaranteeing by design the confidentiality of communications. In the context of revelations about PRISM showing that users cannot trust advertisement-based services such as Gmail, and in the wake of the recent shutdown of secure mail services, Caliop aims at rethinking the infrastructure for secure email communications. Caliop founder Laurent Chemla calls on contributions to the initial specifications.

Recent revelations by Edward Snowden about PRISM show users cannot trust centralized services such as gmail, which business models are based on accessing everyone’s communications in order to monetize personal data, exposing users’ emails to massive government surveillance. Yet, despite recent alarming declarations[1] by email service providers that felt compelled to shut down their activities, email days may not be over.

Laurent Chemla, historical figure of the French Internet and co-founder of French registrar Gandi, re-launches dormant project Caliop, a set of free/libre software and a corresponding email platform users can trust.

By embedding the principle of confidentiality of communications in the design of the infrastructure through the use and promotion of strong cryptography, Caliop aims at building email services which business model wouldn’t be based on accessing the content of users communications.

“Project Caliop was put to sleep when Gmail appeared, but recent revelations demonstrate that Caliop’s vision of puting confidentiality at the core of email services is very much necessary, for users to evade mass surveillance and regain trust in online communications.” declare Laurent Chemla, initiator of Caliop.

Citizens from all across the Internet are invited to join the Caliop bootstrap mailing-list to discuss the initial specifications before they are published on


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