Stage point

Hello all,

Here is a stage point, after one year working on Caliopen project (the name changed after some concerns on its property).

From the debate that took place about what functionalities a modern secure email system should have, we designed the future user interface of Caliopen. This took us 6 months, mostly because we choose to start from a blank page rather than trying to update a 20 years old paradigm, and because we didn’t want to take technical choices into account at first. Obviously, it took us a while.

Once we had a sufficiently advanced model (mockup), a first development stage took place. An architecture model has been defined, technologies have been choosen, a first draft very rough) of the interface was made as proof of concept while we worked on the data model, storage and the future API. At this time, those “backend” issues have gone far enough, but the Web interface was left behind by lack of time.

In the same time, the actual definition of the project evolved, as I explained in details in some talks this spring: Caliopen will be a (free) messaging software package, that can manage any protocols and services providing private messages by gathering messages according to correspondants instead of subject or protocol used, and its UI/UX conceived to convince users to choose (without constraint) to use security and confidentiality tools embedded.

And here we are today.

As always in free software projects, any contribution is useful: if you have spare time to give to Caliopen, you can join the irc channel (@Freenode / #caliopen), look at our Github, and our showcase web site. The project is still not known enough (my bad: I’m not good in advertising) and only know by french people: just talking of Caliopen around (and with us) would be a valuable help.

If I’m not clear enough for some of you, please feel free to ask any question, either by e-mail on on the irc channel.
Things that we need to work faster:

Speak about the project around you and advertise about it

More people for development: to finalize and realize the UI Design in real conditions (Python / Pyramid / Angular)

People able to work on the chain delivery (at least SMTP): DNSSEC, DANE, DKIM, TLS and other acronyms whose configuration should be automated as much as possible, choice of antispam methods…

And always, people to continue further reflexion with us: it’s always useful to have external points of view when we work headlong since too long

If the project is of enough interest and if contributors want to join us, it may be time to think about a crowdfunding: we’ll see it very soon.

In short, CaliOpen follows its course, but we need you to go faster.


Source code:
Public site:
IRC Channel: @FreeNode / #caliopen